How to support the actions of the French Society of Veterinary Anatomical Pathology (SFAPV)

Dear potential Partner or Sponsor,

The SFAPV is a French non-profit organization.

Here are some of its main objectives, according to its statutes (available on request):

– To promote the development of knowledge in the field of spontaneous and experimental animal pathological anatomy.

– To promote the rapprochement between Human and veterinary anatomical pathology and to encourage research.

– To maintain sustained exchanges with international societies (including the ESVP and the ECVP).

Among the actions that we carry out, I would like to present you the most outstanding ones:

– The SFAPV organizes an annual continuing education seminar for an audience of veterinary anatomic pathologists.

The annual seminar of the SFAPV deals with current topics and covers the different aspects: spontaneous animal pathology, comparative pathology, experimental models and research paths, therapeutic actualities (see the list of seminars on our website). For 2023, the annual seminar will be dedicated to oral pathology of companion animals. The final program is posted on the SFAPV website.

During the organization of our annual seminar, we invite, in addition to French speakers, one or several speakers of international stature. We have recently received, among others, Dr. Rob Foster (University of Guelph, Canada), Dr. Melanie Dobromylskyj (Finn Pathologists, Harleston, UK), Dr. Benoit Riedinger (AniCura TRIOVet, Rennes, France) and Dr. Franck Floch (AniCura TRIOVet, Rennes, France).

We support financially and through our training actions the Diplôme d’Études Spécialisées Vétérinaires en Anatomo-Pathologie Vétérinaire (DESV-AP), a post-graduate training organized by the 4 French veterinary schools, which prepares to the examination of the diploma of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists (ECVP);

All these activities are carried out by volunteers and are financed by the society. Therefore, we are looking for additional resources to increase our list of activities.

Any support would help us. You will find below the possibilities of level of support and recognition.

The board committee remains at your disposal for any questions.

Laurence Fiette, President, for SFAPV

Possibilities of recognition


SFAPV Sponsorship Officer: Lionel Couraud, 11 bis, Allée Vitarelles, 31100 Toulouse, France, +33 6 63 12 35 91,

The SFAPV thanks its sponsors for 2023:



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